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Production program

The company specializes in manufacturing of lifting, manipulation and transport plants for deep mining. Mobile handling plant 3,2 tons is designed for lifting, handling and transport of loads up to 3,2 tons on suspended rails. Mobile handling plant 7,5 tons is designed for lifting, handling and transport of loads up to 7,5 tons on suspended rails.

Hydraulic mobile handling plants 10 and 16 tons are designed for lifting, handling and transport of loads up to 10 or 16 tons respectively, combination of two plants (DUO) allows transport of 20 or 32 tons respectively, on suspended rails - hydraulic pressure source of 160 MPa required.

Trains of cabins for crew transport, are used for transport of personnel on suspended rails type ZD 24 in 2 to 8 cabins, depending on the rail purpose, traction environment and used break trolley. One cabin can carry up to 8 crew members.

Crossover left, right, left-right and three-ways The crossover can be used for changing the traffic direction into two or three tangential branches on the suspended rails type ZD 24 with the maximum load of 4 tonnes. Crossovers are manual, electric or pneumatic.

Transport trolleys (type TDS4A, N, Pegas, PWL) are designed for transport on rails type ZD24. The maximum load of the trolley is 4 tonnes. Hinges, longitudinal transverse anchoring. Hinges and anchoring are designed for hanging and anchoring of the bearing profile of the suspended rails to the arched reinforcement of the mine in horizontal slanting line sections. Other components of suspended rails. These components (chain carriers, rods, stops) are necessary parts designed for safe operation of crew and material transport on suspended rails.

Other production, metalwork,

locksmith works, welding,

cold pressing, CNC burning (cutting)

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