TDS ZAMPRA spol. s r.o.
Žižkova 94
Frýdlant nad Ostravicí
739 11, Czech Republic

tel.: +420 558 677 446


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Company policy

TDS ZAMPRA spol. s r.o. carries out business in the field of manufacturing and service of lifting, manipulation and transport machinery for deep mines. The good name of the company is based on long term presence on the market and honest and reputable dealing with our customers.

Company management is responsible for ongoing improvement in the quality management, foremost improvement of the technical solutions of offered products and services, all that through following defined goals and control mechanisms monitoring achieved goals.

Company management endeavors:

Exact definition of customer's needs and expectations and meeting them. Focus on the customer and his satisfaction is the priority of all the employees and the major goal of the company. Development and improvements of the quality management of the company is secured by: fulfilling of the company policy, securing the accessibility of the necessary resources to maintain the development of the quality management system, regular review of the quality management system.

The company is creating positive working environment for their employees and encourages them in taking place in the quality management system development, in particular by implementing competent suggestions of the employees on the improvement of the QMS.

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Ing. Jaromír Tomáš

Eduard Dřízga

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